Fxx/ING SEVEN PIN - Design On Back



Fxx/ING SEVEN PIN - Design On Back


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This shirt is 100% cotton and is designed, printed and made in the USA.

Not everyone likes swearing but there are some things in life that happen and you can’t control your mouth.

One of those times can happen in bowling, you’re going for your perfect game and on your last throw you stroke the ball perfectly into the pocket the same way you’ve been doing it the whole night but this time you leave a stone dead ten pin. Of all times… Why this time!? “F'ING TEN PIN”

Another time this can happen is when you have a great session of bowling and you’re feeling good. Later in the week you’re feeling positive about your next session coming up because you’re back on form. Later that day you’re back standing in front of the pins and it’s almost like the pins knew… Every time you bowl you’re leaving that 10 pin! ARGHH! You were bowling so good previously. You can’t help it, that stupid pin brings the worst out of you. “F'ING 10 PIN”.

You’re not alone…. It’s happened to the best of us.

Over time people say you just get over it, “it’s just part of the game” you hear them say. Others say that they learn to love it and it loves them back. We at bowling talk think if you hate it then just say it. You can’t let it win.

In December 2015 we asked 17,000 bowlers what their best bowling phrase was and over 70% of the comments we got back was “F'ing 10 pin!!!” or something to that effect.

So we thought… If that’s your favorite phrase then we’ll give it to you. Now you can really say it like you mean it by wearing this awesome shirt we have created.

The “XX/“ at the top of the shirt represents the spare you get from leaving the 10 pin after getting strikes, as well helping to spell “that” word.

It’s also available for left handed people, yep we hate the 7 pin too!

Click here to get the 7 pin: http://bowlingtalk.org/collections/fxx-ing-10-pin

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