Bowling Ball Release In Slow Motion

Check out this video, we think it will help people who need to work on their release.Reply below and let us know what you think or if you have anything to share! Thanks,Andy  

Resurfacing your Bowling Ball

If you feel it’s time to resurface your bowling ball there are a few items you’ll need to help get the job done. These include reusable padded sanding discs or different grades of sandpaper. If you’re going to use sanding discs you should also have a bowl of water handy so you can wet them and rinse them off. In addition, you’ll need a spray bottle, towels, polishing pads, polishes, and a bowling-ball spinner or resurfacing kit such as SMarT BMS. The spray bottle will be used to wet the ball and it’s a good idea to mix a dash of dishwashing liquid in with the water as it will help to hold the water on the ball. The polish, polishing pads, and towels are needed if you plan on polishing the bowling ball. There are several types of polishes...

Bowling Axis

It’s pretty easy for bowlers to get slightly confused when it comes to axis rotation and axis tilt of a bowling ball. The axis tilt represents the spin that’s put on the ball while the axis rotation is the amount of side roll your turn applies to it. The tilt will increase when the circumference of the ball track is reduced. There’s less tilt with a high track and more tilt with a spinner. When determining the tilt of the ball’s axis you’ll need to locate the axis of your ball's rotation. The best way to do this is to throw several balls along the lane’s oiliest part as this will leave you with an oil track all the way around the bowling ball. You can use a grease pencil to trace the oil track completely around the ball. The...